The Disaster

There was an alarm blaring in the distance. There was panic drifting in the air. Confusion and fear engulfed the vessel. The siren seemed to be getting louder and more ominous with every passing minute. The lights were flickering on and off. The sounds of shouting and screaming were coming from every direction. With certain death looming, chaos had ensued.

They had emergency protocols designed for this situation. They had plans in place for when disaster would strike. Despite all their back-ups, and training, and drills, when it came right down to it, in reality, no one was prepared for it. The first, primal instinct of everyone was survival. With that in mind, everything else had been forgotten. The only thing anyone could think of was an escape. With such deafening pandemonium coming from every direction, it was getting harder to think. There was only one objective, escape.

There was a loud explosion on the eastern quarter of the ship. It sounded like a bomb had struck. The craft started to rock and vibrate even more ferociously. It felt like an earthquake was happening inside the ship. The terror had reached critical levels. In their heads, some had already given up hope. The rest kept pushing for an escape.

The ship’s compartments and mechanics started catching on fire. It slowly started spreading across the entire western part, making its way down to the southern end. Whoever was closest to the back of the ship heard a sharp shrilling sound. This was not good. Most of the backup fuel tank was stored where the flames were headed. Everything felt dead silent for a second. What followed was a massive blast, loud and vicious enough to destroy an entire mountain.

As if it was still possible, the fear and danger levels worsened. There was a crack in the ship and a small sucking sound was heard. The tear began to widen and the sound slowly got louder. Nature was turning on its vacuum, ready to pull out the contents of the vessel. The rip moved at an exponential rate and with no notice or warning, the ship was pulled broken in half.

If you were to look from a distance and observe the ship. You could see it split up into two pieces. The main hull was rocketing forward and the back-end drifting towards the other end of space. It looked as if someone had broken something in two and threw the pieces in opposite ends of the room, and the objects were moving in slow-motion. If you were observing what was happening from this distance, you could tell that something horrible had happened. You knew that the ship was damaged, destroyed. Yet, the marvel of space is that there is no sound. No matter how disastrous it looked, you would never be able to tell and feel the true terror of this situation. From a distance, nothing seems as awful as it truly is. It may look bad, but you can never tell the extent, you can never know the cause, you can never find the solution.


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