The Hunt!

The warm breeze bristled through the long stalks of grass. It was a pleasant day. The sky was clear blue; the air was spiffy, and the Sun was watching over the Earth like a kind and loving guardian.  It was calm and peaceful. The whole world seemed to be going about their business completely carefree. This day was just about to get interesting.

As I stood nestled in my hiding spot, I carefully stalked my prey. I was trying to observe their every move, their every action. Not only did I have to pay attention to what they were doing now, but they would be doing in the next 5 seconds, the next 10 seconds, the next minute and so on. My family is counting on me. I have to do this the right way. I have to be successful, for their sake and mine. I had to formulate a lot of strategies to determine my own best course of execution. I had to analyze how they would react to my presence. I needed to plan for their escape routes and make sure I can cover them. It was important to determine how fast I would have to be to make sure I can catch them before they escape. I also had to evaluate the landscape to figure out the route I would need to take and how I would tackle any obstacles. Most importantly though, I had to narrow down to a target.

There was a whole herd of them ahead. I had to choose one of them. If I didn’t pick one, I would be running around in circles; if I didn’t pick one, they could confuse and distract me; if I didn’t pick one, I might not get any. Once I had narrowed down the pattern of the herd, then I had to do the same with the one I had in my sights. I had to choose between the healthiest or the easiest. The easiest was less risk but the healthiest would be more fulfilling. I had to choose. Once I made my decision, I followed their every step like a hawk. I imagined myself as my prey and soon enough, I had my complete attack plan ready to execute. Now, all I had to do was wait for the perfect moment to strike.

I am a Lioness! I am the Queen of the Jungle! My will shall be done! There was a small change in the wind, a slight adjustment in the herd’s movement, a natural disturbance that occurred; it was my time to attack!

I jumped out of the grass and sprinted towards my targets. I took out a deafening growl to scare my prey. They were petrified of me. They knew their time had come; their end was near. They all scattered, running in different directions, trying to confuse me. I had been prepared for this. My eyes had always been on my target, that’s where my focus was, and that’s the prey I chased after.

The thrill of the hunt was profound. It was beyond explanation. The adrenaline was surging through my body. The wind was smacking at my body but I didn’t care. Nothing, and I mean nothing could stop me now! I had planned everything to such perfection that I knew I would succeed. With every passing second, I got closer and closer. Finally, when I was just the right distance away, I pounced straight at my prey!


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