The early bird gets the worm

Have you guys ever wondered why people say, “Early to bed early to rise, makes us happy, healthy and wise”? Turns out, many scientists have done plenty of research to prove that waking up early is actually beneficial. According to multiple online articles, early risers are considered to be relatively more productive; have better mental fitness and health, and have a brighter outlook on life. However, scientists don’t speak for everybody. The question is does it work for you?

You have to choose for yourself!

People can perform multiple experiments and generate countless theories and do numerous research but there is no certainty that what they’re saying is actually 100% true or not. If someone did a test and hypothesized that eating sand was healthy for you would you go to the beach and start devouring the land? No, most of you wouldn’t. For the rest, there will be two types of people. One type would be the one that would just go out and follow the research without thinking. The other type would do more research, would find more proof, would look for more reasons to believe the hypothesis. Once they have done the necessary research work and are comfortable, they would then try it for themselves and see if it actually does work or not. These people, once they find that it actually does help, would then spread the word and the cycle would repeat with more people every time.

Maybe they gave up too fast?

I believe that the theory of waking up early works in much the same way. We are living in a very advanced stage of this cycle where there are scientists whose research generates the theories and we have individuals who have tried and tested this approach in life. It has certainly worked for most people. It hasn’t for some. Maybe the only reason it didn’t work for them is that they gave up too fast? The point is not that it worked or didn’t work, the point is that at least they tried it for themselves, the focus of this rant here is that they committed to something and tried it figure it out for themselves. They didn’t just listen to what people said and blindly agreed to it.

Don’t just blindly agree, decide for yourself!

I have also committed myself to the idea of waking up early and for me, it works wonders! Not only do I get more time to do things in life, but I get to have a healthy breakfast, I get to work out and I get to prepare myself for the day ahead. I tried both lifestyles and I chose to wake up early from the results I got.

The question you have to ask yourself now is whether you want to live in ignorance and accept whatever other people tell you or do you want to live a life of curiosity, of wonder, and find out what actually makes your life better? Do you want to choose how to spend your life or do you want someone else to decide the right things for you?


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