Spinach Leaves

To Spinach or not to Spinach

Making healthy choices in life is essential for survival. You can either eat Kale and Broccoli your whole life and live to be a 100 or eat Fried Chicken every meal of every day and succumb to heart disease at 25. Here’s the thing though, there is no guarantee that vegetables will grant you a longer life than sugar. There are numerous studies that show why eating healthy is the right choice to make but there is still the possibility that you might meet someone who has never had a healthy meal in his life and still be at peak condition in life. It may be incredibly rare but it could still happen.

This leads to the one thing that we all get in our life; a choice. Do you choose to eat food that you may not like, that may not be exciting, that may not be rebellious or do you choose to eat what you want, whenever you want, and enjoy the supple scrumptious taste of it melting in your mouth and spreading its dopamine through your stomach?

I believe in two things when it comes to this topic. The first is that there is almost always another way. If you want to be healthy and you want to enjoy the junk food in life, why not have both? Why sacrifice one for the other. If your end goal is to live a long life but enjoy it at the same time, then who’s to make you chose? Keep it in moderation and balance it out. Make your own decision and go with what makes you happy. It’s your life, no one else’s.

“It’s your life, no one else’s”

The second thing is the fault in our way of looking at this issue. I think this problem started about 30 or so years ago when eating fast and fried food, chocolates and cotton candy became so popular. The marketing done by the big companies was so profound that it got into our minds. Everything that the Earth gave us naturally was made into something obscene and ridiculous to consume, whereas everything that man synthesized became the hip thing to have. From then on, the connotations with Broccoli, Celery, Tomatoes, Olives, and so on became an afterthought, became a necessity to have, but with disgust. Very few people actually wanted to eat it, most only did so to complete their nutrition cycle. I think that this is what needs to change. Most of my generation have already started changing the thought-process. People have started to come up with ways to make these bland foods more exciting, more challenging, more desirable. Yet, for most of the rest of the world, the theology is still the same “Grass is for animals.”

“Grass is for Animals”

I truly believe that if we agree to do things in moderation without the alienation of any food group and if we change our thought-process to thinking of the green food in a more positive light, then not only will we enjoy the food we eat, but we will also have the chance of living longer and happier.

What do you say? Will you accept the challenge of changing your thinking, are you one of the few that have already done so, or you just going to laugh at this post and go back to your adventurous, daring life?


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